2012 Halloween Teen Lock-In update…

Andy speaking to students at the lock-in…

On Friday, October 26th, we held our annual Halloween Teen Lock-In outreach at the Rec Center.  120 students joined us from 10 pm on Friday night until 6 am on Saturday morning.   This year our numbers were down from past years, however I really think God provided the perfect amount of students for us.  The number was just write that we weren’t overcrowded, we didn’t have the behavioral issues we have had in past years, all students were able to fit into the same room for our guest speaker, and we were able to really mix in and interact with the students and not just do crowd control.

Throughout the night the students enjoyed bowling, cosmic bowling, pool and ping pong tournaments, karaoke, and various other games and activities.  We were also blessed through the hard work of many people that our new restrooms were able to be used for the first time.   This eliminated many long bathroom lines and made for a much more enjoyable night as well!

In the middle of the night KMM missionary David Price was our guest speaker.  He talked with the students about how what is on the outside doesn’t always match what’s on inside and how Christ is the only one who can truly bring change to the inside of us.  Dave shared with the students about the difference between religion and a personal relationship with Christ.  While Dave was speaking I surveyed the audience and could tell that God was really speaking to several of our students.  While we want our students to have fun at the lock-in’s our devotional time is the most important thing we do.  Last night many seeds were planted and hearts spoken to.  Please join us in praying that God will use last night and that students will surrender their lives to Him as a result.

The lock-in was a great time for us as we enjoyed time with our students and got to share Christ with them.  A special thanks to everyone who gave of their time to work with our students.  Keep praying for the students and if you would like to help at a lock-in with us sometime we have another one coming up on New Year’s Eve!!!


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