Prayer Request – June 2, 2017

Erin and I would like to ask you to be praying for us as we have some decisions to make about our Van.  Almost 6 years ago God blessed us with a Nissan Quest mini-van that has been a huge blessing and tool for us to use for our family and ministry.  We started having some problems with the van a couple of months ago  and found out this week that it needs a Bank 1 Cad. Converter replaced.  This part and labor cost over $1,000 to get fixed.  With our van having almost 128,000 miles on it we are praying about what the smartest decision would be.  Should we pay the money and get the van fixed and hope that it will last us till at least 200,000 miles?  Or should we look to see if we can trade even for something with less mileage even if it is a smaller vehicle?  Another car payment is not in the budget right now so we can’t really trade up.  Please pray with us that God will make it clear what we should do, and then that all the finances to repair or replace will be provided.  Thanks as always for your prayers!

Check out these videos about our ministry with FCA!

This past weekend we held our annual FCA Victory Banquet.  At the banquet we shared about all that God is doing with our various ministries of FCA.  Erin and I wanted to share with you all two of the videos that were shown at our Banquet.   The first video shares testimonies of a couple of athletes and a coach at UK about how God has used FCA to impact them.  The second video has testimonies of coaches and athletes in our high and middle school ministries sharing about how the have been impacted by FCA camps, coaches ministry, campus ministry, and community ministries.  We hope you enjoy these videos and find them informative.  If you have any questions about anything you see or how you can partner with us, please let us know!

Please Pray

IMG_3785Tomorrow morning Erin and I will be up bright and early heading to Saint Joseph Hospital in Lexington. Please pray with us as Erin has her next surgery in the reconstruction process following her double mastectomy last November. This surgery is an outpatient surgery and the doctor says that the recovery time will be much less and easier on her body.

Please pray with us that all goes smoothly during the surgery and that God will guide her surgeon. Pray with us for a quick recovery and that Erin wouldn’t have much pain. Pray for our kids to take it easy on their momma and to understand why she won’t be as active for the next few days.

One last prayer request that we have is for the insurance that we have covering all of Erin’s cancer bills and reconstruction process. We have been blessed to be part of a grant program that has been meeting every need Erin has had. At this time her coverage is set to expire at the end of March, but Erin still has one to two more surgeries left in the next three or four months. Erin has applied for an extension and we ask that you pray with us that God will work things out so that this medical coverage will last all the way through Erin’s surgeries and recovery.

Thank you so much for your faithful prayers! We will send out an update in a few days to let you know how things went and are going! Thank you again!

2017 FCA Camp Theme!

We are gearing up for a great time at FCA Leadership Camp this coming summer.  Our 2017 theme for FCA Camps is “ONE” based on Philippians 1:27. Last summer it was all about the RISE but this upcoming year, all across the country within FCA, we will be united under the rally cry of ONE! Come and join us at #FCACamps this summer and watch your life be transformed. #TeamFCA.  Also, pray for our students who will be attending!

Sign Up For Our Newsletter!!!

grafimedia-newsletterHey everyone, Erin and I hope that this post finds you doing well.  We are writing this post because we need your help.  Actually we need your email addresses!

After much prayer and conversation, we have decided to switch up how we do our Owens Family Update newsletters.  Some of you all have probably been getting our newsletters over the years via snail mail.  We do our best to try and get these letters out to you all so that everyone who partners with us whether in support and/or prayers can know how God is working as we minister with FCA and how our family is doing.  Our switch up is that we are now going to be doing less paper newsletters (1 or 2 a year) and more email newsletters (at least 1 a month).

There are two reasons we are making this change.  First of all, we want to be able to keep you informed more regularly.  We desperately need your prayers and also want you to be able to celebrate our victories with us.  Email newsletters allow us to get you information much much quicker.

Secondly, we feel that this is the best way for us to be a good steward of the money that you are supporting us with.  Currently one newsletter costs us around $150 or more a mailing.  FCA has blessed us with a great newsletter program that looks very professional and only costs around $7 a month.  This savings is huge and allows more of your support to go to ministering to our students and coaches!

We hope that you understand this decision and will help us out by sending us your email address.  On the top right of this page there is a link button you can click to sign up.  I promise that you will not get spammed!  Please sign up soon, we hope to get out a newsletter in the next few days!  Thanks again for your understanding, thoughts and prayers!

Owens Family Ministry Update – January 26, 2017


70 Couples Attended our FCA Coach & Spouse Get Away

Greetings from Richmond!  It’s been a couple of weeks since our last update and so much has been happening that we are excited to share with you!  For the past 6 years Erin and I have been attending FCA’s annual Coach and Spouse Get Away on Martin Luther King Jr. weekend.  This marriage retreat has been a huge blessing to us both in our marriage and our walks with Christ.  The opportunity to get away and fellowship with others in sports ministry, sing praises to God, hear Godly Biblical teaching on marriage, and just have some time in a nice hotel is always an awesome thing for us.  This year was our first year to go to this event as FCA staff and we were so excited because we had several friends and coaches and sponsors that we minister with who were joining us this year.  Over all 70 couples from all over Kentucky came out to our Coach and Spouse Get Away.  It was so great to see God working in the lives of these couples as we learned so many deep lessons.  One of the biggest lessons we had was on the power of our words and how in our marriages we have the ability to speak life or death words to our spouses.  Please keep praying with us that God would take the seeds that were planted at the marriage retreat and draw these couples closer together as they grow closer to Him!


January FCA Huddle @ Madison Southern High School

Another big thing going on right now is that I am actively contacting, reaching out to, and visiting schools in our area where there are no FCA huddles.  So far I have been well received by the schools that I have been able to touch base with, and I am so excited for the possibilities of partnering with these schools.  Tomorrow I am actually meeting most of the day with a school that’s never had an FCA Huddle and wants to get one going!  Earlier this week I met with a Coach who decided FCA needed to be going at his school and started it himself.  It was great to hear his enthusiasm for using FCA to share the love of Christ with his students.  I was personally so thankful for the ability to be able to meet with him and give him one of our Coaches Bibles to use in his ministry with his students!

fca-one-leadership-camp-coming-soon-flyerNow that the Coach and Spouse Retreat is over, I am also reaching out to our schools to share with them about our annual FCA Leadership Camp this summer.  Right now I am just trying spark the coaches and huddle leaders into plugging camp with their students and then in the next month or so get them the information to sign their kids up.  Please pray that as we begin to share about Leadership Camp with the students that God will begin to work in their heart so that they will be drawn to this awesome camp where they not only have fun, but learn to take ownership of their faith, defend their faith, and share their faith in Christ with others!

God is doing some great things in FCA right now and even though I am still learning my way around I am still amazed and blessed by the opportunity to go to our schools and work with these coaches, teachers, and athletes.  Please pray that I will grow closer to Christ daily and reflect Him well to all whom I come in contact with!  Thank you so much for continuing to pray for us!  Next week, I will give you more of a family update too!

January 12, 2017 – Owens Family Update

fcalogo-circlecolrGreetings from Richmond, KY and sorry for the delay in keeping you updated on everything that is going on ministry wise and also with our family and Erin’s health.

We had a little bit of a scare with Erin this past week.  As we have shared with you we were blessed to get Erin into a grant program that is supposed to cover all her medical bills dealing with cancer.  The program was supposed to expire at the end of January and we knew that we had to apply for an extension.  When Erin called to begin working on the extension we found out there had been an office glitch kicking her out of the program and that none of her medical bills thus far had been covered!  Panic definitely set in and our anxiety level was through the roof.  Erin and I both began praying that things could be worked out, and she began making calls to all the agencies involved in her getting kicked out of the program and getting back into it.  Thankfully this morning she got a call that all has been resolved, all her previous bills taken care of, and any new bills covered through March!  In March she can apply for another three months of coverage which will last through the completion of her reconstruction.  Once again, we are so thankful for the way God answers prayers and has continued to bless us during Erin’s battle with breast cancer!

Ministry wise we are getting back in to things as most of our school’s are kicking off their second semester.  I have been visiting several of our school’s morning huddles and trying to encourage both the students and huddle sponsor’s.  I have been to almost all of the schools that we will cover who have active FCA huddles going.  My next big step is to start contacting and visiting the many schools in our area who do not currently have active huddles and see what we can do to get them up and going.  We are hoping to see God do great things in these schools over the coming months and ask that you keep us in your prayers.

fca-coach-and-spouse-2017This weekend we are getting ready for the annual FCA Coach and Spouse Get Away.  This is one of the larger FCA outreaches in Kentucky.  We invite coaches and their spouses, as well as other couples associated with FCA to a two day retreat at the Embassy Suites in Lexington.  There we have a great time of fellowship with praise and worship music, Biblical marriage guidance from a speaker, testimonies from other couples, and some great food.  Please be in prayer for the couples that will be joining us at the Get Away.  We never know what issues they maybe facing in their marriages, but we know we have a great God who can take care of any needs they have.  Pray that this weekend will be the starting point for many of these couples to put Christ first in their relationship.

Also, we want to thank all of you who have been praying about our support level and especially those who have partnered with us.  We are currently at about 78% of our support level.  Please pray that God will provide the remaining amount we need. If you would like to partner with us just click the link on the right side of this page.  Also, please let us know if there is any one or any church that you think we should contact!

Thank you so much for checking in to see how we are doing and please keep praying for our family and the ministry of FCA!